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There is a reason the Y is referred to as America’s Favorite Swim Instructor.  In Y Swim Lessons, not only are you taught how to swim, but you also learn about yourself, about safety and rescue skills, and about water activities you can enjoy for a lifetime. Instruction is caring and personalized. A variety of classes are available to meet your family’s needs. Class size is determined by considering safety factors and the age of the participants, making sure classes don’t get too big to be uncomfortable.

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Spring 2014 Swim Registration

Class Descriptions:


(kid’s 6 mos-3 yrs. & parent)

The class is designed to get the child & parent comfortable and safe in the water. Instructor lead classes are designed to allow the child to have fun in the water while the parent guides them to learn aquatic skills. Children must wear swim diapers. – No regular diapers, please.

PRESCHOOL: (3-5 year olds)

A child’s first experience in the pool without parental assistance. Basic skills, the building blocks of swimming, are taught. Games that use basic movements such as kicking, arm strokes, and breath control are implemented.

YOUTH: (Ages 6 – 12)

Class designed for beginner and intermediate skill levels. Stroke and personal development are focused upon. Advanced swimmers should seek enrollment in the swim team.


ADULTS: (Ages 13+)

It’s never too late to learn how to swim! If you fear the water, don’t worry – we’ll move slowly! Advanced adults wanting instruction should sign up for private lessons

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